Claude Hendrickson (he/him)

Illustrated portrait of Claude.

Claude Hendrickson (he/him)

Claude has been active in the self build/community-led housing sector for over 30 years, advocating for more opportunities for projects in urban settings in the North of the UK.

In 1989, he founded the Frontline Community Self-Build to support an unemployed group of African and Carribbean men. He is also a founding member of the Community Self Build Agency (CSBA), supporting a number of projects across the UK many of them ex-veteran self builds.

He became the Northern Director of CBSA (voluntary in 2010) and in 2015 was commissioned by Leeds City Council to write a self-build 10 year strategy document.

Claude is an EDI associate to People Powered Homes Leeds. He is also an accredited Community Led Housing advisor (CIH) and a Community Land trust Ambassador.

He’s spoken and run workshops at housing events nationally and has a deep knowledge of underrepresentation of minority groups in housing. He recently received an MBE for services to the community self build/community-led housing sector.

Issues: Housing Land, Health and Healing, Wealth redistribution